Adobe Voice creates polished, visually interesting, and thoughtful narrative based presentations. Adobe Voice may not be the best product for creating large scale lecture, but it is perfect for short demos, how-to, bios and more. As teachers we are always telling stories. Stories activate our students’ memories and stimulate their imaginations. With Adobe Voice, you can start telling your music stories today, or better yet, have your students tell theirs.


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  • Very natural and intuitive interface
  • Excellent and extensive collection of images and icons
  • Multiple themes and layouts with custom frames, fonts, and more
  • Multiple well record background music tracks
  • Upload your own images and icons
  • Helpful pedagogical hints and prompts
  • Ability to record commentary, one slide at a time


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  • No ability to download videos, only to share them via abode’s cloud.
  • No ability to add your own video content onto slides.
  • Adobe Voice is a large app and take up a fair amount of your iPad’s HD.




[title size=”3″]Sample Creation – History of the Tuba[/title]


[title size=”3″]In Tablet Demo[/title]