Audio Hijack Pro!
In my time as a music instructor, there has always been audio that I wanted to use but that I just couldn’t seem to capture. Whether the audio was from YouTube, a live webinar, or an interview on NPR streaming; I constantly seemed to up against technological roadblocks and restrictions. Don’t even get me started on old CDs that would still play in iTunes, but were too beat-up to rip a fresh copy from.

Some tools, when found, are instantly indispensable. Audio Hijack Pro from Rogue Amoeba is one of those tools.
Audio Hijack allows you to quickly and seamlessly record audio from any application. If your web browser is making noise (video, audio, streaming, anything), AH can record it. If you need to record from your notation program, AH has you covered. If you need to play a cassette from your old walkman into your computer….it’s all easy with Audio Hijack. Any sound that is happening on, or going into, your computer can now be recorded.

Note: Audio Hijack Pro is a Mac specific program. For a comparable windows program please check-out “Total Recorder.
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  • Record any sound from any application on your computer
  • Record from all input sources
  • Record in multiple file formats including¬†MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF, and WAV.
  • Record both ends of a skype or google hangout conversation
  • Turn analog sounds into digital sounds
  • Schedule start and stop times for recording when you are away from your computer
  • Add sound effects to your recordings ¬†(reverb, etc.)
  • Add ID3 tags to your recordings
  • Inserts silence when the recording is silent.
  • Burn CDs
  • Fully AppleScriptable
  • VST support
  • Contains a built in alarm clock… for some reason
  • Only costs $32 with frequent free updates and support


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  • Recording from multiple inputs can be cumbersome, finicky, and reduce the overall quality of the sound (but it records from multiple sources!)
  • AH takes some getting used to, and the default setting can at time cause the program to do things you don’t want it to. For example, by default AH sticks your new audio deep in the music folder of your user account.
  • There are a lot of options, so at time things can seem a little overwhelming. For a simple version of Audio Hijack try Piezo by Rogue Amoeba. Piezo has many of the same functions, but with less complexity.




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