I noticed this amazing music application on kickstarter and was fascinated by its potential applications. There is only a day or so left on the funding campaign so reserve your copy while you can. I am going to use it to push vocal information directly into a notation program through midi.

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Imitone is an app for PC and Mac which transforms your voice into musical notes, live. As you sing — or whistle, or hum — imitone instantly converts the sound into “MIDI signals” which can control almost any music software or digital instrument.

Anyone can use it. No set-up is needed: opening the program is just like plugging a musical keyboard into your computer. To hear your voice transformed into a violin or flute, you need only start imitone, select that instrument in your music program, put on some headphones and start singing. It’s that simple.

No ear for music? Imitone has you covered. It’s designed to help you sing in tune, providing constant feedback on the pitch of your voice. Additional tools like scale-snapping help it to correct your errors.

Works with everything. Because it acts as a MIDI controller, thousands of music programs already work with imitone, including the popular (and free!) GarageBand for Mac. You can control imitone with your voice or a musical instrument, and a regular laptop-quality microphone.

You can use imitone to compose music, perform it live, digitize recordings, dynamically control audio effects, train your singing, or tune your instrument. Other, still stranger uses exist, but those are for you to discover!

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