Music Toolbox is on vacation, but we still wanted to pass on a few free apps this Friday.
As such, this is not so much a review as a quick recommendation… 4 recommendations to be precise.



Rodrigo Kolb has created four fun and free percussion apps for the iOS: Real Drums!, Real Tabla!, Real Percussion! & Congas & Bongos. The developer has also created android versions of these apps, and many more besides.

All four of these apps consist of drum shaped buttons that trigger a variety of percussion sounds, corresponding animations, sound effects, all with the ability to record your improvisations. I am a particular fan of the Real Tabla! app with it’s added pitch bends, sitar drones and sound effects. These apps are solid and well crafted, but suffer from one limitation. It is not possible to export your sound creations as audio files. In order to retrieve your work, you will need to recording it into another application. Lastly, the free versions of the apps are ad heavy. That being said, these apps are free. If you find yourself using one app in particular, please support the developer by paying to have the ads turned off.


[title size=”2″]Sample In-app Demo[/title]