Tempo SlowMo from developer Martian Storm Limited is now free. If you like this app be sure to check out their other offerings.

This great little tool lets you slowing down or speeding up a music track, without changing its pitch. If you are trying to figure out a complicated guitar riff or transcribe a Charlie Parker improvisation, then this app is for you.
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  • Very simple interface
  • Lots of options for pulling in audio (iTunes, Dropbox, Microphone, or from another device on the same WiFi Network
  • Slow down a track to 20% of the original speed without changing pitch
  • Speed up a track to 250% or original speed without changing pitch
  • Export via DropBox and email
  • In app purchases
  • Allow for setting stop and start times and the creation of Loops


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  • The interface is not that intuitive. It took me a while to figure out that the “halo glow” part of the tempo wheel was spot of the interface I needed to click on to get the wheel to turn.
  • Start and Stop time and Loops are really tricky setup with my fat fingers.



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