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boring meeting

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[testimonial name=”” gender=”male” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]This is worst meeting ever!
GGGRRRRR…..A complete waste of time.
Maybe I can get some grading done, but crap!
If I start my laptop it will make that sound…you know:[/testimonial]




[title size=”2″]Muting the Mac Startup Sound[/title]

This tip requires a change in behavior to work effectively.

[one_half last=”no”]In order to mute the start-up sound, you must first hit the “mute” button on your keyboard.


[one_half last=”yes”] Second, “shutdown” your laptop by going to the apple menu and selecting “shutdown”. The next time you startup, the chime sound will be muted. Make a practice of hitting the mute button before shutting down, and never worry about disrupting a meeting again (Ie. getting caught). Also get in the practice of shutting down your laptop instead of just closing its lid.

[title size=”2″]Watch this Tip in Action[/title]