[three_fourth last=”no”]Ok, so it’s Thursday and not Friday… sue me. This time, MusicToolbox is looking at two free music apps, but not just any free apps. These music apps try to make music theory fun … oh the hubris! (*spoiler: they do!)

The first app we will look at is XBEATS by NOTES17 LLC. XBEATS runs you through a series of progressively difficult rhythm puzzles. Even if you are an experienced musician, this app will surprise and challenge. Second we will demo, Toni Leppakorpi‘s hEar Me Ear Training. hEar Me Ear Training is designed to help beginners locate and repeat pitches, even claiming that: “if you think you’re tone deaf and can’t recognize a single note, you can’t fail with this app”. I’m not sure I can validate this claim, but even as an “advanced” user I found these quizzes challenging (in a good way).

Music Toolbox demos both XBEATS & hEar Me Ear Training below, so take a look.[/three_fourth]
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[title size=”3″]In Tablet Demo: XBEATS[/title]

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[title size=”3″]In Tablet Demo: hEar Me Ear Training[/title]