imgres-2 The Young Composers & improvisors Workshop (YCIW) provides the opportunity for public school children to compose their own music and have it performed by professional musicians. By exposing all kids to composition in music class, in the same way they are exposed to drawing/painting in an art class, YCIW is giving every student a taste of, and for, sound creation. Not surprisingly, kids love composing, playing with sound, and hearing their creations come to life.

Unfortunately, in today’s funding environment this sort of innovation can be a tough sell. This is where we come in!
Please visit YCIW’s Indiegogo campaign and make a tax deductible contribution. Your support will go a long way toward introducing future generations to the joys of music creation.


[title size=”2″]YCIW Project Overview[/title]


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[title size=”2″]Background[/title]
Matt McLean is a full time music teacher at Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School in New York City. In 2010 they began a progressive music curriculum where all of our 5th and 6th graders learn how music works through the experience of composing their own original pieces that are performed by professional musicians. The curriculum is based on a number of technological innovations (most importantly Noteflight), online composer mentoring and a partnership with the professional chamber group Metropolis Ensemble.

They had the idea of setting up Young Composers & Improvisors Workshop as a separate entity so that this service could provide as a free resource to NYC Public Schools.

[title size=”2″]Why Are They Fundraising Now[/title]
YCIW is running the Workshop at the Bronx Charter School for the Arts again in 2014 and will have another public concert of student compositions in June. They need support in order to put on this Young Composers Concert. For the 2014-15 school year they aim to expand the number of public schools that can take part in YCIW for free.[/one_half]
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[title size=”2″]A Community of Composers[/title]

“As a music teacher I have seen the joy and satisfaction that composing original music can bring to my students. Composing is the most powerful way of exploring skills and concepts that help students gain mastery over how music works.

I have been very lucky at LREI to have the support which has enabled me to get nearly 400 student pieces performed since 2010. I firmly believe that giving this same opportunity to as many public school children as possible will not only enrich their experience but may also help impact music education as a whole. Our connected world, along with great educational technology, has made it feasible for every student to be part of a “community of composers.” A community which not only brings them lessons and strategies but also provides encouragement and mentorship.” ~ Matt Mclean