[three_fourth last=”no”]Piano Carnival is an interactive Ebook app for iOS devices. Produced by the Piano Theater, Piano Carnival features Camille Saint-Saëns’s Carnival of Animals performed by Elizabeth and Sonya Schumann, clever storytelling by Christopher Steger, and Natalie Hall‘s vidid illustrations. All of this goodness is crammed into a single app and combined with pedagogically sound lesson plans. This is a must pick-up for anyone who loves music, loves illustrations or just a good story.

If you enjoy this app, please contribute to the Piano Carnival Project.[/three_fourth]
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[accordian][toggle title=”Pros:”]

  • High Quality storytelling
  • Fabulous performances and video footage
  • Beautiful and interactive graphic elements with a rich visual style
  • Well read and recorded narration
  • Extensive and varied lesson plans and web support


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[accordian][toggle title=”Cons:”]

  • Non-intuitive user-interface




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