[three_fourth last=”no”]Admittedly, on first blush the Red Hot + Bach App is a little confounding. What exactly does it do? What is it’s function? There are random music tracks (without much annotation) and colorful interactive toys seemly placed randomly under the less-than-descriptive menu tittles: “play”, “perform”, and “discover”.  However, the more time I spent interacting with (playing with) Red Hot + Bach, the more I enjoyed the experience.

Red Hot Bach is an immersive reimagining of the music of J. S. Bach.

• The “Play” section allows you to hear great Bach recordings while you create abstract drawings inspired by the music.
• The “Perform” section let’s you interact and transform the music based on different layers and instruments.
• You can also “Discover” an illustrated life of Bach, the Kronos Quartet performing in Edison’s original recording studio onto wax cylinder and more!

“This is the 15th project of original music and media by Red Hot to further its mission to raise money and awareness to fight AIDS around the world”. If you enjoy this app, please contribute to the Red Hot OrganizationAdditionally, if you enjoy these reinterpretations, download the tracks on iTunes. All proceeds will go to supporting AIDS/HIV awareness and relief. [/three_fourth]
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[accordian][toggle title=”Pros:”]

  • Reimagined versions of some of Bach’s Classics
  • Wonderful recording of the Kronos Quartet
  • Some favorite old recordings (Ex: Yo-Yo Ma, Glen Gould)
  • Beautiful, interactive, and sound responsive graphic elements with a rich visual style
  • Supercool Bach bio video (A must see element)
  • Interesting side-by-side look at different recording technologies (A must see element)
  • Lovely graphic equalizer (under “perform”) let’s learners examine texture, composition and arranging.


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[accordian][toggle title=”Cons:”]

  • Non-intuitive user-interface
  • Interface is not always very responsive
  • Sounds continue between areas of the app which is artistic but can be frustrating. A “mute” button would be great.
  • The graphics are neat but heavy at times. In “Play” would be nice if the automatic sound responsive graphics stop while the user is interacting with the palette.




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